The Group has many innovation development platforms, including the platforms in Guangdong Province such as Key Laboratory of Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Feed Enterprises, Aquatic Animal Feed Engineering Technology Research and Development Center, Doctor Workstation, Enterprise Technology Center, Aquatic Feed (Jiangmen Yuehai) Engineering Technology Research Center, Aquatic Feed (Zhonghai Yuehai) Engineering Technology Research Center, Technology Experts Station, Demonstration of Platform of Public Service, etc. and including the platforms of Fujian Province such as enterprise technology center, etc.

 At the same time, the group cooperated with domestic and foreign universities and research institutes including Sun Yat-sen University, Ocean Universality of China, Guangdong Ocean University, South China Sea Research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, the Water and Fishery Research Center, Texas A&M University and so on to construct the projects for amalgamation of industry, education, research and application.