Build a world-class aquatic feed enterprise that is unparalleled in China.


    Aquaculture in harmony with the environment while delicacy and health complementing each other.


    Be trustworthy in words, be faithful in actions and treat colleagues as family; Be noble in character, be promising in careers and compete for the best.

YUEHAI Earth Culture

The character of Yuehai Earth Culture: Earth does not possess the luster of metal, passion of fire, uprightness of wood and flexibility of water. Yuehai People are like the earth under feet, dedicative yet speechless. 

The spiritual connotation of Yuehai Earth Culture: Responsibility, Pragmatism, Loyalty, Inclusiveness, Transcendence and Homeland.

Company Idea

  • R&D Philosophy Achieve leading position worldwide through innovation.
  • Purchasing Philosophy Lead the market through strategic cooperation.
  • Production Philosophy Strive for perfection, quality and efficiency.
  • Development Philosophy Advance steadily and boost with innovation.
  • Marketing Philosophy Customers first with promotion on site.
  • Service Philosophy Serve proactively and create values.
  • Management Philosophy People oriented and subject to rules.
  • Talents Philosophy Become cradle of talents and promote based on merits.
  • Distribution Philosophy Performance first and achievements shared.
  • Execution Philosophy Follow orders without excuses.
  • Leadership Principle Lead as a role model and win as a team.
  • Management Principle Clear duties and procedures.
  • Work Principle Dutifulness and timely.


We strive every minute so Yuehai would advance every day. We defend Yuehai in every aspect for it is our home.